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January 20th, 2010

07:17 am - heart
фрактальное сердце

I'm hypnotized by these endless coils.

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March 7th, 2009

10:45 pm

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November 16th, 2008

11:01 am - Fractal animation

Purple Fractals

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October 16th, 2008

04:17 pm - Lotus

Apophysis 3D Hack <3 If you like you can see a bigger version here~

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October 2nd, 2008

10:01 pm - Just a random sample
I attended an artist's lunch and to showcase the fractal art I did, I created a quick and dirty gallery and ran it off the HD on my laptop. People seemed to like it so I uploaded it to my website.

Its a random cross-section of the kind of things I do using Xenodream. There is only one Apophysis image in this selection. The rest were all created using Xenodream. There has been no post production of any kind.


Hope you enjoy it.

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July 3rd, 2008

06:09 pm - SIGGRAPH, anyone?
Are any readers here in fractal_gallery going to SIGGRAPH in LA next month?

Obligatory fractal-related image (flow over a 2D DLA structure):

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June 17th, 2008

03:51 pm - Mandelbrot animations
Here are two recently uploaded new Mandelbrot animations. To get more dynamic into the movies I've tried to implement some hypnotic colorcyling effects. The music comes from Welle:Erdball and Apoptygma Berzerk, respectively. I hope you enjoy it.

Current Mood: artistic

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June 5th, 2008

05:18 pm - Quaternion Julia Set Fractals

Here are some quaternion Julia set fractals I've been working on.

Julia sets are similar to Mandelbrot sets. Quaternion Julia sets are similar to complex Julia sets, except that they're four-dimensional. I put a more complete explanation over at my blog ( http://www.egregium.us/quaternion-julia-set-fractals/ ). If you scroll down, there is a video too.

If anybody is interested in prints, I put some high quality (445 dpi, canvas) prints on etsy. Hope you like these (click to enlarge):

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June 2nd, 2008

04:48 pm - Classic Mandelbrot Animation
Hi everybody,
here are my first attempts with the Ultra Fractal Animation of the classic Mandelbrot set. The music I have chosen is by Welle:Erdball.

This first one took 16 hours on my Intel Quad Core Q6600. Blur and anti-aliasing are on.

In the next video the blur function is off but anti-aliasing is on. So this video took only 5 hours.

The next one is a deep zoom video into the elephant valley. The final picture has a mag of 10^37. It was finished after 5 hours.

I hope you enjoy them.
Current Location: Erlangen
Current Mood: artistic
Current Music: Welle:Erdball "Chaos total"

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May 5th, 2008

01:51 am - New to LJ
 ...But not too terribly new to fractals.

Name: Karen Smith.
Here for: Friends, community, networking.  Don't try to hit on me, I'm married.
Program(s) used: Apophysis (>two years,) Ultra Fractal (>1 year.)
Other sites used: deviantART, redbubble, Renderosity.

An example of my UF work:
&quot;After the Rain&quot;

I look forward to hearing from the rest of the community!

Current Location: Marysville
Current Mood: Vexed

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